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Teaching Your Child to Follow the Rules and Understand Discipline


In preschool, it is essential that children understand and accept rules. They also need to know why discipline is necessary should they break them. One of the most difficult things that you need to do as a parent is disciplining your child; however, it is also one of the most important.

Our day care services in Florida discourage the practice of physical punishments on children because these punishments can physically and emotionally hurt the child. We look for other more effective ways to remind your little one about practicing good values.

When you discipline your child in a manner that is constructive, it helps them grow up to be happy, self-disciplined, and able to care for others. If you discipline your child with respect, consistency, and fairness, you will have lasting positive results.

As your child ages, they want to test their limits as they explore their independence. There may be times when they become disobedient and frustrated when you set boundaries in the house. As a parent, you need to explain to them briefly why you set the rules at home.

A child will never understand, “Because I said so!” It makes them feel that you are punishing them or abusing your power as a parent. However, if you explain to them why you set the house rules, you help them understand and accept them.

When your child accepts the house rules, they will also learn to acknowledge the rules outside their home like in a child care center in Orlando, Florida.

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