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Teach Your Child the Rules of Clean As You Go


Many children in preschool often leave a mess whenever they feed themselves. Either they are messy eaters, or they like to play with their food when they think that you are not looking. Yes, it can sometimes be frustrating to see those food scraps and peelings all over the table, and you cannot wait to clean them up when mealtime is over.

However, cleaning up after them may not make them feel accountable for the mess that they have created, whether or not they did it intentionally. Some children cannot help it when they are messy eaters, but it is necessary that they need to learn how to clean as they go.

The best thing to do here is to train them to pick up all the fruit peelings and other scraps on the table or floor. Let them put these back on their plate after they have finished eating. It is also appropriate to educate them why they need to do this.

When your little ones have finished eating and cleaned up the mess they have made on the table, do not forget to praise them. Always compliment your child’s efforts and be specific in telling your child exactly what they did well. The gesture can encourage them to continue to practice cleanliness.

After eating, some children like to play or watch TV right away, so they do not want to be kept picking up food scraps on the table. Training your child to clean up their mess after meals can also prompt them to be careful not to make them.

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