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Teach Your Child About Giving Back

According to the educators of our child care center in Orlando, Florida, a lot of people are curious, especially parents, about the age at which a child can grasp the concept of giving back. It may surprise you that showing compassion and doing good for others can already start as early as preschool.

There are many ways that a child can develop an understanding of other people’s feelings and needs. It can be through our day care services in Florida, storybooks, TV channels, or other media. When they follow a story of a particular character, it enables them to develop emotions pertaining to different situations. It lets them create a fantasy in their minds about how the fictional character live and feel. The experience may even help them to lay the groundwork for a genuine volunteer.

As a parent and your child’s role model, you also influence how they will respond to others who are in need. When they know that you are involved, passionate, and emotionally moved by the experience of helping others, you are already demonstrating to them how it may feel to be in someone else’s shoes.

Demonstrations like helping an elderly cross the road or giving food to a beggar in front of your child in preschool can already have an impact on their development. It is essential that you always discuss the moral lesson to every good gesture you do toward others.

It may also help your child if you tag them along to a volunteer activity. You can even make it a family thing, something you can regularly do throughout the year. Since regular volunteering creates a habit of caring, you are showing your child that you and the rest of the family members are interested in others.

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