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Simple Winter Break Activities for Your Kids

Simple Winter Break Activities for Your Kids

Winter break is coming and surely, the kids are all excited as they take a break from preschool activities and stay at home for more or less than two weeks. However, sitting at home should not necessarily be boring for them. Here are some ideas that you can try to keep them engaged and learning:

  • Bring them to a museum
    A temporary break from a child care center in Orlando, Florida gives children more time to have fun and learn something from an educational visit at a museum. They can also interact with other children and gain new friends along the way. 
  • Help them learn to play a musical instrument
    Learning a new musical instrument does wonder to your kids’ brain. You don’t need to spend much because nowadays, you can get learning materials online. There are plenty of instructional videos online and these can help your kids spend their time meaningfully as they acquire a new skill. 
  • Teach them baking
    Baking some cookies or brownies is a fun way of bonding with your kids, and there’s no better time to do that than during winter break. The measuring process of baking also helps build up your kids’ mathematical skills. There are plenty of online recipes that you can explore and shop for your baking session. 

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Most day care services in Florida, like the one we offer at Top Kids Academy offer plenty of reading materials at school but it doesn’t mean your kids should stop reading on winter break. Give them the freedom to choose a book of their preference whether it’s an encyclopedia or a Star Wars animated series. 

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