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Should Preschoolers Learn to Play Musical Instruments?

Should Preschoolers Learn to Play Musical Instruments?

Music is one of those things that can benefit a child’s cognitive development. In fact, all of us are wired to appreciate and recognize music from a very young age. Starting with lullabies, our exposure to begins at a very young age.

By the time that we’ve become toddlers and enter preschool, we already respond to music by singing and dancing.

If your child shows an affinity for music, maybe it’s time to think about the next step at our child care center in Orlando, Florida. That next step is to have them take lessons to learn to play music.

Music benefits the child’s brain in more ways than one. That’s because many parts of the brain are engaged when someone is playing a musical instrument. One part of the brain is in charge of coordinating hand movements and building muscle memory. This works in conjunction with the part that decodes and remembers melodies.

All of these work together to exercise the brain’s ability to forge neural connections. These boost a child’s ability to process information and expand their capacity for self-expression. Together, they enhance their abstract thinking skills, which benefit them in the long run.

Learning music is, of course, one of the myriad activities that our day care services in Florida have to offer to preschoolers.

If you have any questions about what activities we offer, feel free to contact us at Top Kids Academy.

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