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1912 N Dean Rd.
Orlando, Florida 32817
Phone: 407-482-2120
Fax:    321-972-1373


Safe, Clean Environment Conducive for Learning


Due to the effects of the pandemic, a manifold of schools closed for their students’ safety. And for quite some time, students and teachers utilized online learning to continue their education. However, online learning may not be feasible for some children and their families. Some factors include insufficient learning devices, finances, as well as home environments.

Thus, as a preschool that caters to the wellness of each child, we made sure that our learning environment stays clean and well-sanitized. The impact of COVID-19 is tremendous, and it left most families to lose jobs or work double-time. Therefore, we decided to open our school to help struggling families care for their little ones.

Our child care center in Orlando, Florida, is a safe, sanitized environment that maintains a learning schedule for all preschool and kindergarten students. We also pick up students from public schools. Prior to entering our facility, we have them pass through sanitizing steps, and then focus on their learning schedule for the rest of the day.

We ensure that strict guidelines on cleanliness and social distancing will be followed daily to ensure the spread of the virus is controlled within the extent of our service.

Should you require our day care services in Florida, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Top Kids Academy will be more than glad to assist and care for your child.

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