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Let Sports and Sportsmanship Empower Your Child


When you let your child in preschool become active in sports, you help empower them to stay fit and improve their social skills simultaneously. You also help develop their confidence and sense of sportsmanship. Come to think of it, when they do well in sports, they can also apply the same efforts to their homework and studies.

In our child care center in Orlando, Florida, we teach your child good sportsmanship. We want to encourage them to respect their peers and mentors, discipline themselves, and enjoy what they do. We want to develop their sense of teamwork and character as well.

Parents must also play a role in building your child’s self-confidence. When they perform well, it is essential to give them acknowledgment and praises. When they commit mistakes, you must refrain from criticizing them. Instead, you should try encouraging them to do better next time.

When you let your child participate in sports, you must put your trust in them by allowing them to explore their abilities and skills. As much as possible, try to avoid telling them what to do on the sidelines. Instead, cheer them on so that it can motivate them to push themselves.

In sports, there is always competition. As parents, you need to set an example to your child by refraining yourself from booing the other team or making snide comments about them. Part of good sportsmanship is treating your opponents with the same level of respect as your teammates.

If ever your child loses to the other team, encourage them to congratulate their teammates instead of blaming them. You also ask them to shake the hands of their opponents.

When your child develops good sportsmanship, they can apply the same values with every aspect in their life as they grow up.

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