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How Pretend Play Help Kids in Their Development

How Pretend Play Help Kids in Their Development

Also known as imaginative play, kids enjoy playing pretend all the time. It gives them the chance to play in whatever way they wish as their imagination is the limit. With today’s trend of decreasing playtime for kids, the essence of playing pretend is one activity that kids can’t get from using gadgets and devices, making it an effective way to increase kids’ playtime. Top Kids Academy sees pretend play as a good way for kids to learn more on their own, all the while promoting play. Our child care center in Orlando, Florida encourages pretend play to kids of all ages as it is beneficial to their development.

When kids play pretend, they muster up their creativity to get the best experience from it. Not only does pretend play nurture their creativity, but it also hones their language and social skills. Kids communicate when they play pretend as a doctor or teacher. It is a fun experience for them to learn new words and practice speaking, shaping their language skills. Our day care services in Florida include pretend play in classes for kids to socialize with one another as they talk and contribute ideas together. For younger kids, playing pretend can also help them with their physical development as they learn how to coordinate and control their body movements.

To increase pretend play for kids, our preschool encourages parents and guardians to provide them with toys, props, costumes, and even a pretend building made out of cardboards to promote the beneficial activity at home as well.

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