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Helping Kids Thrive Through the Winter and Beyond


With this season’s cold temperatures and shorter daylight, kids at home are easily getting sick; making them want to hide under the covers until preschool resumes.

Kids are instinctively wired to be physically active. So why don’t you use that drive to help them optimum immunity through the rest of the cold season and even all year round? To help kids power through the colder and darker months, a child care center in Orlando, Florida would advise that you continue to promote their health and regular physical activity.

Let your kids shine until the sun is getting warm again by doing these techniques we at Top Kids Academy recommend:

  • Winter Is Never an Excuse to Stay Holed Up Inside

    Even in winter, regular exercise helps heighten immune systems and raises endorphin levels. According to doctors, staying outside doesn’t really raise the odds of catching a cold. Spending more time in nature also primes your kid’s immune system and builds their microbiome—the good bacteria in the skin.

    But take note of winter risks—hypothermia, for example. Always be sure that your kids are appropriately clothed in mittens, scarves, coats, and hats; covering places heat can escape.

  • No Matter the Season, Sleep Will Always Be the Best Medicine

    For kids, more sleep leads to better functioning immune systems, lower likelihood of colds, and many illnesses.

    As a provider of day care services in Florida, we advise that you let your children stop using their gadgets an hour or two before bedtime. Blue light tablets or PCs emit messes up with your kids’ natural rhythms and jumbles the melatonin levels; lessening overall sleep quality.

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