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Find the Right Approach to Build Your Child’s Confidence


Every child’s personality is unique. Some children are born with brimming confidence. Other children are born timid and withdrawn. As loving parents whose child is reserved and shy, building their self-confidence may take a lot of patience and hard work. However, it is part of your responsibility to boost our child’s self-esteem so that they may have a healthy childhood experience.

As educators in our child care center in Orlando, Florida, we believe that you have to give each child the right approach to build their confidence in themselves. Observe your child’s behavior and study his/her personality. More importantly, listen to him/her when they express their feelings and concerns to you. Eventually, you will get to know your child more.

As children learn, they become more competitive with their peers, especially in preschool. They like to be recognized and praised for achieving something no matter how little it is. However, there will be times when they get left behind by those who are fast learners. Sometimes, this affects their confidence. As parents, it is crucial for your children to accept that everyone is unique. Instead of criticizing them for their errors, encourage them to embrace their strengths and cheer for them.

Top Kids Academy recognizes how essential it is that children receive encouragement and support from their parents and mentors. The way you approach your child can affect the way they think, feel, and behave. When cheering for your child’s accomplishments, make sure that you don’t belittle other children or make any degrading comparison.

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