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Dining With Your Child Helps Them Learn About Food and Table Manners


When your family life comes with a busy schedule at the start of the day, it’s not easy to get the whole family to sit down together and enjoy daily breakfast. However, as a parent, you know how essential meals are for your child in preschool, especially when they see that you are there to join them.

Eating breakfast daily with your child allows you to connect and communicate with them. When you give them pep talks during mealtime, like how they should do their best in school, can boost your child’s confidence and motivate them to perform well.

When you eat breakfast with your child, it helps them learn to eat the same healthy food as everyone else. When everyone eats what is on the table, your child will also follow. By joining them during breakfast, you encourage a picky eater to try different food groups.

As a parent, you can use breakfast to display healthy eating habits as well as table manners. You can train your child how to use spoons and forks. Dining together can also teach them how to take turns to on talking and listening.

Our child care center in Orlando, Florida encourages parents to eat breakfast with their child before they go to work or send their child to school. There will be occasions when we invite parents to have meals with their child in our daycare to help improve their engagement skills.

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