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Children in Preschool Need to Eat Healthy Snacks


Children in preschool are still growing although it may not be as much or as fast as when they were in their toddler years. Therefore, you can expect your preschooler to be hungry most of the time. Since they have smaller stomachs compared to teenagers and adults, it means that they need to eat every few hours; they cannot stay full for lengthy periods.

As a parent, you do not have to feel alarmed about your child’s seemingly never-ending hunger because that is normal for children. They do know how much they need to eat; however, that does not mean that you have to give them the leisure of feasting on the entire snack closet. You only need to offer them healthy foods whenever they are hungry and make sure that they also indulge in physical activities every day to stay fit.

When your child asks for a snack several times in a day, give them a healthy one. It is essential that you encourage healthy food choices. Letting them eat chips and other junk food may result in poor nutrition or obesity.

You can try to let your child eat fruits, cheese sandwiches, crackers, and pretzels. These food choices are usually less fattening and more nutritious compared to chips.

In our child care center in Orlando, Florida, we encourage children to choose healthy food choices. We educate them on the importance of eating the right kind of foods to stay healthy and combat diseases. We also incorporate everyday activities for them to become fit and active.

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