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1912 N Dean Rd.
Orlando, Florida 32817
Phone: 407-482-2120
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Child Care Center Tours in Orlando, Florida

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What to Expect from Top Kids Academy

If you’re looking for the right environment to cater your child’s safety and intelligence in one wonderful setting, we are the right place to visit. At the Top Kids Academy, you will find a complete facility that is clean and safe. Upon entering, you are happily greeted by a cheerful security officer. Expect only a VIP treatment on your stop. Our administrator will accompany you in your special tour.

Witness our topnotch technology and hospitality. We have an interactive library, a very comfortable and lively play area, clean and child-friendly rooms, and a whole family of enthusiastic staff.

See for yourself and experience the warmth of our family, where you will be at peace every time you drop your kids for another exciting day.

To schedule a tour, you can call 407-340-4221 or you can use our Schedule an Appointment form.