Let your child grow with us!

Program Rationale

We are an academic child care center in Orlando Florida, where children are always learning. Our curriculum is age-appropriate based on developmental skills where students are challenged in the areas of literacy, math, science, art, social studies, and physical education. At Top Kids Academy, your child will be always happy to learn. We emphasize in the teaching-learning process. TKA is a gift only you can offer to your child/children.

To care for the child while educating them toward their highest potential.


We encourage curiosity and creativity, and we build his/her self-esteem. We introduce words with pictures to build language-arts and math experiences with colorful toys with shapes and sizes.

Our curriculum provides experiences in class while we keep parents aware of our teaching by sending home literature and experimental ideas for continuous learning.


In two-year-old preschool, language and social skills are developed through group play and communicating with caregivers and others. Math and science are developed while playing and exploring with a variety of activities.

Potty training and self-help are encouraged when a child is ready with the cooperation of parents and caregivers. No child will be disciplined or humiliated for soiling their clothes. A daily report will inform you about their day.


Our preschool program introduces language, math, science, social skills with the use of activities planned ahead with the Funshine Express Curriculum through the use of centers, teacher and self-directed activities.

We are a FREE Voluntary Pre-K school as of 2005. Our VPK students are prepared for Kindergarten by adding objectives that promote reading and writing skills.


We prepare Kindergarten students for 1st Grade in a small group environment. Our students explore many areas of expression, observation and exploration through learning activities.


Our classroom ranges from Kindergarten to 6th grade. Our teachers are trained to select activities that are age-appropriate. We adapt to their homework needs. They have a basketball court and a Soccer field for sports. Our teachers do the coaching and training of sports. They are numerous activities as indicated in our section of Before and After School.