We ensure you child’s safety before and after classes.

What does your child do after school is out? Turn those lousy interims into productive hours. Here at Top Kids Academy, we provide a continuum of learning that caters each child’s curiosity and love for creativity.

Most of our before and after class sessions include:

  • Fruit and Bread Source for snack
  • Homework Tutoring
  • Soccer and Basketball training (a soccer and basketball court are made available for the practice of both sports)
  • Reading and Dramatizing Story
  • Playground and Swings
  • Spanish as a Second Language

If they are divulged to this kind of experience even before school starts, surely s/he would look forward to being in school soon. This is just the better way to initiate that lifetime love Zoloft.

We drop and pick up students from the following schools:

  • Arbor Ridge Elementary
  • Union Park Elementary
  • Riverdale Elementary
  • Lawton Chiles Elementary