A compassionate approach to education.

The Top Kids Academy has state-certified programs you can choose from. Check out our list below to know more about the most fitting program for your child.

Program Rationale
We are an academic child care center in Orlando, Florida, where children are always learning. Our curriculum is age-appropriate based on developmental skills where students are challenged in the areas of literacy, math, science, art, social studies, and physical education. At Top Kids Academy, your child will be always happy to learn. We emphasize the teaching-learning process. TKA is a gift only you can offer to your child/children.

Our mission is to care for children while educating them toward their highest potential in Academic Appropriate Practices.


We encourage curiosity and creativity, and we build his/her self-esteem. We introduce words with pictures to build language-arts and math experiences while playing with colorful toys with shapes and sizes.

We use Funshine Online Curriculum to provide experiences in class while we keep parents aware of our teaching by sending home literature and experimental ideas for continuous learning.


In two-year-old, language and social skills are developed through group play and communicating with caregivers and others. Math and science are developed while playing and exploring with a variety of activities.

Potty training and self-help are encouraged when a child is ready with the cooperation of parents and caregivers. No child will be disciplined or humiliated for soiling their clothes. A daily report will inform you about their day.


Our preschool program introduces language, math, science, social skills with the use of activities planned ahead with Funshine Online Curriculum through the use of centers, teacher, and self-directed activities.

Three to five-year-old children must be potty trained to enter this program. Uniforms are required Monday through Wednesday and Homework is sent home on Thursdays. BRING A CHANGE OF CLOTHING. A report card will be sent home quarterly for parents to acknowledge the skills already developed and those in progress.


This is a Florida program for four-year-olds for the preparation toward kindergarten and to build a strong foundation for the continued success. We are a quality VPK program using Funshine Online Curriculum and other additional techniques that include high literacy curricula, substantial instruction, manageable class sizes, and qualified instructors.

We work as a private school setting with high standards and expectations. If you would like to know more about VPK, log on to the website at www.vpkflorida.org or visit our office.


According to the Early Learning Coalition, the Voluntary Prekindergarten Program “provides the self-management and emergent literacy skills that are critical for a child’s academic success”.

The VPK program was ratified as law on 2005 and provides a special avenue for the four-year-olds of Florida to become good readers and successful students. Parents have the option of enrolling children in a school-year program that consists of 540 instructional hours consisting of 300 instructional hours.

This program is FREE for every four-year-old child born on or before September 1st, each year (for Florida residents only).

Enrichment After VPK

Like the VPK (Voluntary Prekindergarten Program), the After-Enrichment program offered by Top Kids Academy is optional. Here, they are given access to improvement schemes where various activities are given as a reinforcement to the previous school engagement.

The Enrichment program reinforces the development of Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Skills. It offers them more time to learn.

Summer Camp

How do champ kids take their summer breaks? What else than to do something worthwhile? But who could better initiate such worthwhile activities when you, yourself, are too filled with your tasks at work?

Let them explore the beauty of nature and friendship. Engage your child in fun and games that let them probe their personal character and strengths. The Top Kids Academy is accepting enrollees as early as now!

The Top Kids Academy prepares summer fun games and team-building activities that usually accommodate the building of values in every child. We take children to field trips to explore, include sports like basketball and soccer. They can also take Spanish lessons. So instead of getting bored at home and being stuck in video games, this is a healthy way of keeping a motivational check on your child and making sure that they learned something new before the beginning of the school term.

Before and After School Care

What does your child do after school is out? Turn those lousy interims into productive hours. Here at Top Kids Academy, we provide a continuum of learning that caters each child’s curiosity and love for creativity.

Most of our before and after class sessions include:

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Homework Tutoring
  • Music and Dance
  • Academics Mentoring
  • Outdoor Play
  • And many more!

If they are divulged to this kind of experience even before school starts, surely she/he would look forward to being in school soon. And this is just the better way to initiate that lifetime love.

We also provide these programs:

  • Toddlers Age 12-23 months
  • Toddlers Age 2
  • Preschool Ages 3-5
  • VPK – Voluntary PreK FREE
  • Before School Only
  • Before & After School
  • After School Only
  • Summer Camp
  • Spring Break Camp
  • Winter Break Camp
  • We accept 4C children (Subsidized)
We pickup and drop children at the following schools:

  • Arbor Ridge Elementary
  • Union Park Elementary
  • Riverdale Elementary

We offer pick-up transportation services. For more details on this service, please feel free to contact us.