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After School Care in Orlando, Florida

Teach Your Child the Rules of Clean As You Go

Many children in preschool often leave a mess whenever they feed themselves. Either they are messy eaters, or they like to play with their food when they think that you are not looking. Yes, it can sometimes be frustrating to see those food scraps and peelings all over the table, and you cannot wait to … Continue reading

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Children in Preschool Need to Eat Healthy Snacks

Children in preschool are still growing although it may not be as much or as fast as when they were in their toddler years. Therefore, you can expect your preschooler to be hungry most of the time. Since they have smaller stomachs compared to teenagers and adults, it means that they need to eat every … Continue reading

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Activities You Can Do with Your Child to Help Promote Their Imagination and Creativity

Promoting your child’s imagination and creativity can be very helpful to them. It is through a healthy imagination that a child can independently learn from their environment. A healthy imagination can help your child understand concepts better and promote their learning skills, which will also benefit them during their preschool years. At Top Kids Academy, … Continue reading

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Let Sports and Sportsmanship Empower Your Child

When you let your child in preschool become active in sports, you help empower them to stay fit and improve their social skills simultaneously. You also help develop their confidence and sense of sportsmanship. Come to think of it, when they do well in sports, they can also apply the same efforts to their homework … Continue reading

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