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How to Help Your Child Who Is Afraid of the Dark

How to Help Your Child Who Is Afraid of the Dark

Some parents feel confused as to why their child in preschool develops a fear of the dark, especially during bedtime. While some children don’t have any particular reasons why they’re afraid, others openly point out a specific event like watching something scary on TV that started the problem.

As a parent, it’s your responsibility to help your children to confront and overcome their fears. When you casually tell your child that there’s nothing there and they need to go back to bed because people are trying to sleep, your little one will feel as if you don’t care about their feelings.

When you help your child overcome their fear of the dark, it gives them the confidence that they need to face other concerns as they grow up. Top Kids Academy rounds up a few ways you can take to help your child overcome their fears:

  • Instead of being dismissive, ask your child to tell you the reason why they’re afraid
  • Let your child talk about their experience, listen, and empathize. Tell them that you understand so they’ll know that you’re taking their feelings seriously
  • Ask your child if there’s something that helps them feel less scared of the dark like a stuffed animal, magic wand, or night lamp
  • Tell them a tale of a character that shows bravery every night. Listening to this type of stories can encourage your child to become brave
  • Don’t forget to praise your child. Let them know you are proud of them for facing their fears

The educators in our child care center in Orlando, Florida believe that when your child can overcome their fear of the dark, they will be well-equipped to handle many challenges in life in the future.

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