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Always Look After Your Child in Sickness and in Health


Colds are most common for children in preschool during the fall and winter season when everyone is indoors and in close contact with each other. It may appear like your little one has not built up defenses to various cold viruses in your area. Do not fret, though. When your child has had a cold virus, they become immune to that distinct germ. As they age, they get fewer colds.

You will know that your child has a cold virus because you see symptoms such as:

  • Stuffy nose and constant sneezing
  • A mild sore throat
  • Mild fever
  • Coughing

As a parent, try to make your child feel as comfortable as possible. Offer them plenty of fluids and healthy food. When they complain about burning up or experiencing pain, let them take acetaminophen.

Your child can continue with their normal activities if they are well-rested. They can even go to our child care center in Orlando, Florida if they feel well enough to take part in the activities. However, if they have a fever or complications, we recommend they get a few days of rest at home.

When the cold seems to cause more serious problems for your child, you need to call your local doctor to make an appointment or take them to an emergency team if they start having trouble breathing or vomiting.

Our day care services in Florida include looking after the health and welfare of your child. Our educators are well-trained to detect any signs of fatigue or uneasiness of children. We always see to it that we call the parents immediately in case we know that something is wrong.

For inquiries about childcare or our services, please contact Top Kids Academy!

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