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Five Tips to Encourage Your Child to Do Homework

Five Tips to Encourage Your Child to Do Homework

At our child care center in Orlando, Florida, our teachers know the difficulties of getting kids to do their own homework. The reasons may vary from feelings of anxiety or lack of interest in doing their work.

The key to encouraging them is to show interest. Children respond to positive feedback and encouragement better than shaming or punishment. If your kids don’t like to do homework, you can encourage them by following these helpful tips:

  1. Get to know your kid’s teachers.

    Spend some time talking with your kid’s teachers to learn how they offer homework to your child. Ask what kind of work they expect your child to do at home and discuss the things that might discourage them from doing it. At our preschool, we value dynamic parent-teacher relationships!

  2. Make a homework-friendly space.

    It should be a place where your child feels safe and comfortable. Stock it with supplies within their reach and keep it clean often.

  3. Help them make a plan.

    Talk to your kid about their current assignment and help them make a plan of action. Set up a work schedule that includes regular breaks to give your child time to relax. Make sure to prepare some healthy snacks for them!

  4. Track their work and praise their performance.

    Your praise and support means the world to your child. Always take time to congratulate their good work and reward their efforts. Putting an aced test or project on the fridge is a fun way to do that.

  5. See a professional for persistent problems.

    Sometimes, your child may not be in the condition to do homework or stay ahead in class. That’s okay. You should learn to understand their limitations and appreciate their strengths. Don’t hesitate to seek help from our teachers or a trusted professional to determine the causes of the problems they face at school.

Top Kids Academy encourages parents to take part in their children’s growth at school. Feel free to talk to us about making the best possible education experience for your beloved.

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