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After School Care in Orlando, Florida

Five Tips to Encourage Your Child to Do Homework

At our child care center in Orlando, Florida, our teachers know the difficulties of getting kids to do their own homework. The reasons may vary from feelings of anxiety or lack of interest in doing their work. The key to encouraging them is to show interest. Children respond to positive feedback and encouragement better than … Continue reading

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Teaching Kids Empathy: Raise a Child Who Cares

Empathy develops at every stage of life. However, the best time to cultivate this skill is during childhood when a child’s emotions are raw and unrestrained but easily reformable. Here are three ways how you can teach kids to be conscientious and caring for others: Model Empathy Show kids the ability to understand and experience … Continue reading

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Why Kids Should Learn Computers

The world truly was not the same after the emergence of technology and the internet. While they have become the boon for research and development. The internet’s unfiltered nature often becomes a bane for parents who want their kids to learn computer literacy. While computer classes often start around grade 5, we believe that children … Continue reading

The Importance of Arts and Sciences to Children

When we were growing up, we just somehow gravitated to a particular field of study without realizing it. Some of us got more inclined to the creative aspect of music, art, poetry, and writing. On the flip side, many of us also leaned and trusted on the merits of data, experimentation, and numbers. Regardless of … Continue reading